Learning @ Bucknell Individual Consultations

Click on any time to make a booking. All appointments are 30 minutes. Use the arrow to look at future weeks if all slots are taken.

Please note: We are currently struggling to meet demand, and there is a chance that the next open appointment may be two or more weeks away. We apologize in advance, and ask that if you are unable to find an appointment within a reasonable time, PLEASE send an email to learning@bucknell.edu letting us know. Documenting the unmet need will help us with our staffing going forward.

You will receive a confirmation email with the time and location of your meeting - please confirm it in your calendar!

Visit the TLC Video Library to learn some approaches to time mangement as well as well as other academic success strategies.
Additional resources may be found at bucknell.edu/LearningCenter

IF YOU HAVE AN URGENT CONCERN, please contact your Dean:

  • Arts & Sciences first-year/sophomores: Lynn Breyfogle - lynn.breyfogle@bucknell.edu, 570-577-1301
  • Arts & Sciences juniors/seniors: Rich Robbins - rich.robbins@bucknell.edu, 570-577-1301
  • Engineering: Terri Norton - trn005@bucknell.edu
  • Management: Ivy Kepner - irks001@bucknell.edu, 570-577-1337
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